Midtetm introduction

There are five main functions in the music player.Which are playing songs ramdomly,playing songs by choosing the name in the menu,changing the frequency,volume accuracy to the fifth digit after the decimal point,playing music with echo,and changing backgrounds.Now,let's go

forward to look at these function one by one.


(1)random mode

When you press the random button,it will turn on and then when you press play button, the player will play music randomly in list below.Moreover,the string on the random button will change to the name of the song,and the original waveform , fourier transform waveform will be seen on the right.

In random mode,press play or echo play and stop repeatly,you can listen to different songs.

(2)normal(list) mode

To be in this mode,make sure that the random button is off.Then you can go to the list and choose which song do you want to listen.

(3)volume&frequency settings

You can change value and frequency easily by moving the mouse.It can be accuracy to the fifth digit after the decimal point,but if you are lazy to adjust,you can click on the slidder,it will move 0.5 a time.

(4)echo play

The echo play button is same as the normal play button,which can make echo sounds,make audience feels being in the concert.

(5)background changing

Background images would be changed when playing different songs.

Original background

White Album 2-Closing Chapter ED  『優しい噓』


あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らないED secret base 〜君がくれたもの〜

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